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Mar 05, 2017  
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executive now at Facebook, and Mike Levy, founder of CBS Sportsline. (Cantarella and Levy both declined to speak to Yahoo Finance; Yoder says Cantarella is no longer a Chat Sports boardmember, but still has a strong relationship with the company.) View photos Chat Sports pitch deck from 2016 More We are raising a $5 million Series A to grow this sports media power, one slide read. The funds would be used to expand The Cauldron team, grow our video team, begin กระเป๋า แบรนด์ ของ แท้ direct sales efforts, and accelerate user acquisition. A fake email, a fake term sheet In the late summer and early fall, communication between OGrady and Yoder crumbled. For nearly three months, OGrady says, Yoder was purportedly taking pitch meetings with firms, but was difficult to reach and cagey on the details of his meetings. (Two separate sports media founders tell strikingly similar stories. Tim Livingston of TheLead says James Yoder and Chat Sports made a very generous offer to buy TheLead one year ago, but then Yoder became a ghost and I never heard from him. Months later, Yoder got back in touch and said he wanted to buy both TheLead and The Cauldron. Livingston had a phone call with OGrady and liked him, but came away thinking that the two were competitors and couldnt coexist. Livingston moved on. DJ Gallo, founder of the sports comedy site Sports Pickle , also got a job offer from Yoder to join the Chat Sports-The Cauldron powerhouse [in Yoders words in the offer letter] in a senior role, at a base salary of $125,000.

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It is part of the Wikipedia Zero scheme that has operated in 59 countries around the world since 2012. The Wikimedia Foundation says it wants to "bring the sum of human knowledge" to as many people as possible. However some argue that projects such as this go against the principles of net neutrality. "Net neutrality is the principle that all data are treated equally in the network," said Joe McNamee, executive director of the European Digital Rights group. "Treating data the same in the network but then making some data more economically advantageous outside the network would be considered by many to be a breach of this principle." The free programme begins on 28 February and was revealed at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. 'Important for Iraqis' The Wikimedia Foundation states on its website that it does not pay mobile phone providers who sign up to the programme and they do not get any editorial control over the platform. Sarmad Saeed Yassen and his wife Ravan Jaafar Altaie are volunteer Wikipedia editors based in Iraq, editing in Arabic and Kurdish. Mr Yassen is a telecoms engineer in Erbil, Iraq. "Mobile internet is available everywhere but the price can be expensive," he told the BBC. "Having Wikipedia free is going to be very important to people and also to companies."

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